Friday, 17 May 2013

Matte Attack!

 About a week ago my Essie - Matte about you arrived in the mail- Hoorah! I immediately proceeded to try stamping over the matte polish to create a matte/shiny look. I chose a stamping design that wasn't too intricate with approximately even stamped/unstamped proportions, and stamped with Sally hansen diamond strength treatment base coat. I tried Seche Vite and Sally Hansen Mega shine, but they both seemed to dry to fast and therefore not stick all over the nail leaving flakey bits. I know lots of people have used a black polish to do this look which looks awesome and apparently works great, but I hate hate hate trying to clean up black polish off my cuticles and skin!
The second image was from 5 days later when I was getting bored of the manicure and had a mothers day thing that I was wearing a hot pink dress to (the background of the picture)- so I had to make my nails match. I got the "loveheart flowers" growing up from striping tape idea from a mani I saw on This was a very quick and easy way to either dress up an old mani, or re-jig a mani to match an outfit if short of time!

OPI black onyx coated with Essie Matte about you and stamped with Sally Hansen diamond strength treatment (silver bottle). The image is from XL-N stamping plate from Magno nails.
Heart flowers from konad stamp plate M83. The striping tape and rhinestones are from ebay.

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  1. I know this post is a bit old but thanks for all your stamping info, I'm just starting out and have some untried Zoya mattes that I'd love to stamp with :-)


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