Sunday, 2 June 2013

Great Gatsby Inspired Baroque Nails

I went to see The Great Gatsby a few nights ago and absolutely adored the fashion, colours and style of the movie. Anyway I was inspired to do my nails in a black and gold baroque-ish style :)
..Well I think the stamps I used are a baroque pattern. I may be wrong though!

I ended up doing the feature nails twice. The first time I stamped directly onto the nails, but I didnt get it very centred so covered them in black rhinestones. It was ok..... but the off-centred-ness was annoying me too much.

I then used the 'make your own nail decal" technique  to make black baroque decals and then put them on over gold polish. This way I could centre the design  :)

Polishes used were :
Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in Black out
Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in Golden-i
Essie: Good as gold (stamped)
and Konad Special Polish: back 
The rhinestones are from ebay.

The stamps were BM12 (the smaller ones on my thumb and non feature nails)
and the feature was from Big SDP-I 

Here are the original rhinestone encrusted feature nails: 

 And the re-done more centred feature nails :)

Which do you prefer?


  1. I really love the look of both of these, but the second one is my fave! Looks lovely :)

  2. These are amazing!! :)
    B xx

  3. I just discovered your blog and your nail art and your pictures are amazing!!! I'm more of a lurker than an active commenter, but I added your blog to my Bloglovin' roll. I look forward to your next posts!:)


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