Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Pastel Paint Splatter Nail Art Tutorial

Over the weekend I felt like trying something new.
I ambitiously embarked on splatter nails an hour before I had to be at a party... 
It was an interesting look with polish all over my fingers :)

Now that I've cleaned up I'm really enjoying them. I tried to choose very subtle colours- mint and lavender on grey. I also added in silver splatters- I love silver on grey :)

The Background colour is OPI Skull and Glossbones
The mint is China Glaze re-fresh mint
The purple is China Glaze Sweet Hook
and the silver is China Glaze Devotion :)
And as promised there is a tutorial here

I really like it. Its quite subtle, but when the silver catches the light it looks amazing!


I tried to be creative with my finger posing :)

Before I removed this mani, I thought I'd have a play around with some other polishes. I added OPI fly and Revlon midnight affair. The OPI fly worked beautifully for splatter! It went stringier than all the other polishes I have used. 

I think it looks oceanic.....perfect for this blog! 
What do you think?
I love it so much that I think I'll be doing an ocean spray splatter in the near future!

I put together a little pictorial for anyone who was wondering how splatter nail art is done.

Some notes:
  • I forgot to add that you need to put down some newspaper or paper towels in the area you will be working. Polish goes everywhere!    
  • Also, instead of painting the inside of the straw, you can just dip it in the polish bottle (or a blob of polish on some alfoil/wax paper etc.). I thought painting the inside of the straw would be less wasteful, and it seemed to work pretty well. 
  • You can play around with different straw diameters and the distance you have the straw from the nail. I kept missing the nail completely, so did it from pretty close. 
  • I highly recommend trying different polishes (test them out on some paper before your nail). Some seem to work a lot better- maybe thicker polishes? I found that creme OPI polish works well. 
  • Also, I found that using a thinner straw gave better results (It seemed more consistent and was easier to control the amount of polish). I didn't have any particularly small diameter straws, so I made one! - like this:

You don't want to know what happens if you use the same straw too many times....

Thanks for reading :)

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