Saturday, 28 December 2013

Indian Ocean Holiday Nails!

Hey friends! 
Sorry that I haven't posted in over a week-Christmas stress got the better of me! But don't worry, I'm all relaxed now at Rottnest island with my best friend and parents :) I have some nail art to share with you. I made a new nail polish for my friends Christmas present so we are both wearing it. It's a black polish with holographic particles and colour shifting glitters and some purple glitter. This iPhone picture is pretty awful unfortunately so I'll have to make another bottle for myself when I get home and take proper pictures. 
The feature nail is the blue polish I made recently called midnight snow... Applied over Sally Hansen pacific blue. The stamp is from the mo you sailor collection- 04 (it's one of the plates with small images). 

And here is a picture of me and the most giant crayfish I have ever seen! One of my Dads friends caught heaps of them and donated it! 

Anyway I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! 
I'll be home in a few days and the more regular posts will resume :) 

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Red and White Nail art with MoYou Mother Nature 02

Hi Everyone :)

I have so many MoYou London plates now and they are all so I apologise for the constant spamming of stamping manicures! I absolutely love birds, so I wanted to use the Mother Nature 02 plate again, and try out more parts of the plate than my last mani using it (here).

6 months ago when I was in France my beloved Weiro Larry flew away from my Grandparents who were looking after him. I've been avoiding bird manicures for a long time until very recently because they made me so sad. Here is a picture of him :) He used to put his head down like that because he was addicted to head scratches! I could completely cover him with my hands and he wouldn't ever squirm! He was very smart too- he could say his name, What cha doing Larry?, Hello Larry and sing lots of songs like the Kill Bill Whistle and before I left I was teaching him to bop up and down when I said "Dance Larry".

Anyway, I'm making myself sad but I wanted to share something about him with you all =(

 For this manicure I used OPI Big red apple, OPI Alpine snow and the Konad Stamping polishes in red, and white.

Thanks for stopping by:)

Monday, 16 December 2013

Purple Marbled Gradient with MoYou Suki 07 Stamped Swirls

Hi Everyone!

I hope your weeks are all off to good starts. Today I have a marbled gradient to share with you that I am quite fond of. I am huge fan of purple polishes and I have wanted to do a purple gradient for some time. I decided to do a marbled gradient instead of a sponged gradient and I'm so glad I did!

My tutorial for this marbled gradient can be found here....and it is a lot easier than you might assume! Has anyone ever tried out this alternate style of gradient? Which do you prefer (marbled or sponged)?

With the purples I think this manicure looks magical!

The Polishes used in order from light to dark were:
OPI: You're such a Budapest
OPI: Do you Lilac it?
China Glaze: Grape pop
OPI: Vant to bite my neck?

In order to enter this manicure into the MoYou December Pinterest contest I decided to stamp over it in Essie No Place like Chrome with a stamp from MoYou London's Suki Collection plate 07. I actually prefer the unstamped version where all the marbling of colours is easier to see...but oh well I still love them. Which do you like?

If you would like to vote for this manicure in the contest please like and repin here. 
There are lots of other amazing manicures to look at too!


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Have a great week!


Saturday, 14 December 2013

Stained Glass Homemade Nail Decals With MoYou London Explorer Collection Plate 03

Hi Everyone :)

I'm incredibly happy right now for so many reasons!
-I'm on a weekend trip in the Margaret River wine region.
-We just found a lovely family to rent our house that I have worked so hard to clean and garden the last few weeks.
-My friend and I just got nail mail from MoYou London!!!
-I have used a plate that I had been frothing over for a month!!!
-I love my nails right now!

Now in the interest of eating food and tasting delicious wine this will be a quick post! I have only 2 pictures of this mani currently as I had to take them down here (we are south of home, so I keep saying down) without my usual set up and I don't even have a mouse on the laptop!

So I didn't plan them as stained glass. I just painted my nails with a new polish of mine- Picture Polish Citrus and decided these colours might go well together. The other polishes are:
-Turquoise: Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in The Real Teal
-Lime Green: Essie the more the merrier
-Yellow: China Glaze Lemon Fizz
-Stamped Dark Blue: Konad stamping polish in dark blue.

I made the decals using this technique. 

I will have to post a few more photos when I get home as I really like these!

Thanks very much for visiting and have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas Flower Nail art- "Poinsettias"

As I said in my post last night I was working on another Christmas nail design... and here it is!
More nail decals.... I really like that I can paint them the night before and then quickly attach them onto my nails in the morning. It makes it feel really quick being broken up into two distinct smaller parts than one huge nail painting session. Plus my back doesn't get so sore this way! The tutorial for the technique is here.

Again I have used MoYou London stamping plates- these are from the Kitty collection 02. I'm getting a lot of use out of that plate! I thought these looked like those Christmas flowers, Poinsettias.

 I am going to enter these nails and a few others in their December Pinterest contest so if you have a spare minute and a Pinterest account (and you think my nail art is any good) please vote for me by repinning the images and also liking :)

Here are the links:  Christmas pattern 1

I hate asking for votes but lots of other bloggers have done the same, and some of them have thousands of followers! I figure I may as well do the same if I want any chance at a prize =(

So the polishes used for these nails are: 
White- Essie Marshmellow, 
Green: Essie Going incognito
Red: Sally Hansen Lacquer shine in red (It has no name!)
Gold: Essie Good as Gold

Thanks for stopping by 

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas 2013 Nail Art Ideas: Simple and Not So Simple!

I must be the only nail art blogger whom has made it to half way through December without posting Christmas nail art. There is a reason for that.... I have been saving up all my Christmas manis for a big Christmas Nail Art extravaganza! 

First up I have a stamping manicure done with a Mo You London plate: Suki 07. I didn't buy any Christmas stamping plates (which I'm now regretting) but I think this design is quite Christmasy in the right colours. To centre the design on the red nails I actually made stamping decals using this tutorial and placed them in the exact centre of my nails. The red metalic polish is Revitanail "Ruby Rich", the white on my ring finger is OPI alpine snow and the white use for stamping is the white konad stamping polish.

 I really really enjoyed wearing this mani :) If you also like it please vote for me in the MoYou competition by liking and repinning this image on their board here.
I hate asking for votes, but some of the big nail art blogs have done the same and seeing as they have thousands of followers are smashing it!

 The next is the most simple Christmas nails I have to show you. Just a plain white with golden accent nail. The white polish is Essie Marshmellow which is much like OPI Funny Bunny, another favourite of mine. This is a white jelly which becomes opaque in just 2 coats (maybe 3 on some nails). I find this is a much easier polish to apply than the creme white polishes such as OPI Alpine snow and looks really clean. The gold polish is one that I created myself. It made up of small gold and larger square gold glitters and also white square glitters which are much more apparent in real life!

 I went further with this mani and free handed a Christmas tree on on middle finger, stripes on the ring finger and dots on the pointer finger (with hand placed gold glitter too). The star on the Christmas tree is a rhinestone purchased from ebay. 
My favorite nail is the pointer finger with the dots! 

The red polish used is Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine (red....I don't have the label) and the green is Essie Going Incognito (pointer, middle, ring). On the pinky I used a metallic green polish: Sally Hansen Emerald City from the Xtreme wear range. The red hearts are also a glitter.

 I did the same Christmas tree on this manicure as I had accidentally created recently on another triangle mix and match nail art design. I prefer the original actually- what about you?

 Next up is some simple snowflake nail art. 
Snowflakes tend to look very complicated but really all they are is a few lines (ie do a cross and then 2 more lines to create an 8 sided star. The add 1 or 2 small dashes to the lines. You can put a dot in the centre of the snowflake with your background polish to mix it up). I used acrylic paint to paint the snowflakes and the blue polish is one I made myself, which I'm calling Midnight Snow. I absolutely love it!!

Next is another nail stamping design created with MoYou London plates- this one Pro Plate 01. I stamped in red with the Sally hansen metallic red which I have no name for (sorry!!!!) and then painted the green lines in Sally Hansen Emerald city. I did this over a base coat of Essie Marshmellow. Again I did this with the stamping decal technique although after I realized that I could have probably done it straight onto the nail.I have also entered this on in the MoYou competition. To vote please like and repin the image here. Thanks!!! xx

The next is a very subtle look inspired by Christmas sweaters ...although nobody here in Australia would ever be wearing a sweater at Christmas time- its often 40 degrees Celsius at this time of the year (over 100 f) !!!
I painted my nails with a nude polish- Essie Jazz which looks absolutely awful with my skin tone apparently!!! My fingers look grey haha. The design was handpainted with a gold polish- Essie Good as Gold. The ring finger is the same gold polish made by yours truly as previously :)

 I think I like the thumb the best!

Update* And here is another Christmas nail design. See the whole post here :)

This last one is not strictly Christmas Nail art.....but I think anything in red and white adds a bit of Christmassy cheer to your nails! The full post with allll the details can be found here :)

Thanks so much for visiting. Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Dandelions at Sunset :)

 These nails I'm posting today are actually for a few weeks back. My partner and I recently purchased a house and we got the keys last Friday so I have spent a week gardening and cleaning like a maniac. Digging in the dirt and scrubbing for hours with bleach isn't great for nail health and nail polish so I haven't done any nice manicures! I have somehow managed not to break any nails though!!! I was so worried I'd break my 1.5 year no break streak! *Knock on wood*

Anyway,  I didn't manage to post this particular manicure at the time I was wearing it as that was in the week lead up to our engagement party and I had heaps of stuff to do! (I did have time to make my nails nice....just no time to post on the blog). I think it's a winner though!


 I first painted my nails with Essie Tart Deco and then used a makeup sponge to make the gradient with Tart Deco, OPI Atomic Orange and China Glaze Heli-yum. 

 The dandelion is from a MoYou London plate- Kitty collection 02. I actually have 2 MoYou london plates with dandelions (also Pro 06), but the Pro 06 dandelions are too big to fit on my nails =(

I've wanted to do dandelion nails for a very long time. I think they are so pretty and I love having the little seeds flying off on the adjacent nails. 

I used Konad stamping polish in black :)

 I managed to take a quick picture of Essie Tart Deco by itself before I sponged on the gradient. It was so beautiful I wanted to show it off alone. I have been searching for years for this exact colour coral polish: not quite pink, not quite orange and slightly pastel. Holy Grail!!



I hope you have enjoyed this post :)

Thanks for visiting xx

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Guess who bought more Moyou London plates?!!!

I recently ordered a few more MoYou London plates and they finally arrived! I got the Mother nature 02 plate (it's got lots of birds!) and Pro plate 01 XL. I was especially excited for pro plate 01 as I had been looking for one of the patterns for ages- Fat stripes! 

I wanted to use it right away! I first painted my nails with a new polish acquisition of mine- Essie Mint Candy apple and then picked out a colour to stamp with. I thought that a coral would look nice and picked out China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy. I had never stamped with it before and didn't think it would work, so I first stamped onto my scraping card and it showed up really well. I always do this with a polish I've not stamped with before instead of going straight onto my nails.

The camera had a bit of trouble capturing the vibrancy of the fluoro coral polish. 

Once I had stamped the bird from Mother nature 02 (with konad dark blue stamping polish) the manicure instantly reminded me of a lovely manicure by Marta at Chit chat nails here. I'm going to call it accidental inspiration! I like hers better haha.

 If you are very observative you will have noticed that I have the birds facing in different directions on the different hands (ie both birds facing my thumbs). To do this I used the technique below. I think it looks nicer if nail designs are opposite from each other. Of course you need two stampers for this technique- however if you have the konad two sided stamper you can remove the rubber from one side and stamp onto it. As you can see the XL stamper (white) doesn't pick the image up as crisply as a konad stamper.

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