Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Guess who bought more Moyou London plates?!!!

I recently ordered a few more MoYou London plates and they finally arrived! I got the Mother nature 02 plate (it's got lots of birds!) and Pro plate 01 XL. I was especially excited for pro plate 01 as I had been looking for one of the patterns for ages- Fat stripes! 

I wanted to use it right away! I first painted my nails with a new polish acquisition of mine- Essie Mint Candy apple and then picked out a colour to stamp with. I thought that a coral would look nice and picked out China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy. I had never stamped with it before and didn't think it would work, so I first stamped onto my scraping card and it showed up really well. I always do this with a polish I've not stamped with before instead of going straight onto my nails.

The camera had a bit of trouble capturing the vibrancy of the fluoro coral polish. 

Once I had stamped the bird from Mother nature 02 (with konad dark blue stamping polish) the manicure instantly reminded me of a lovely manicure by Marta at Chit chat nails here. I'm going to call it accidental inspiration! I like hers better haha.

 If you are very observative you will have noticed that I have the birds facing in different directions on the different hands (ie both birds facing my thumbs). To do this I used the technique below. I think it looks nicer if nail designs are opposite from each other. Of course you need two stampers for this technique- however if you have the konad two sided stamper you can remove the rubber from one side and stamp onto it. As you can see the XL stamper (white) doesn't pick the image up as crisply as a konad stamper.

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  1. wow I love the stripes and stamping is perfect (:

  2. I love it!!! Looks beautiful!

  3. Hi! I'm looking for a squishy XL stamper and I saw your old post that you bought one from Magno nails. I went to look at the site but it looks like they only ship to Europe??

    I bought some Moyou plates recently along with their XL stamper but I found it not so squishy. Any suggestion where I can get a squishy one?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Yuri,
      Your right- the international shipping doesn't seem to be available anymore. There used to be an 'outside eu' option. I have emailed them to ask if international shipping is still available and I'll let you know when they reply. I had a look around and can't find those particular XL stampers anywhere else =( Chez Delaney has XL stampers (but not exactly the same). In the pictures they look like a similar type of rubber and they have international shipping.


    2. Thanks for checking, Chan :)

      I just saw this YouTube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2nSwcRFv_A) and the lady says the XL stampers she got from chez delaney have changed in size (and maybe in type). She shows the old stamper that looks exactly like yours, but apparently they aren't available now.

      Hummm.. I just wish Magno nails still ship to Australia :( Anyway I appreciate you contacting them about international shipping. Looking forward to the reply :D

    3. No problem at all. Still no reply from them- guess because it's the weekend. Ill keep you updated :)
      I am intrigued by that rectangular stamper on Chez Delaney though.... I just wish they had better stamping plates available to make the shipping worthwhile!



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