Thursday, 22 August 2013

Sandwich Bag Marble Again!

 This Time a Vampy Gradient :)

After my last mani (here)  I was very excited about the sandwich bag marble technique. I think I mentioned that I was keen to try a gradient using the same method.
And I just couldn't wait!
Make sure you scroll down for a tutorial =D

I think the sandwich bag marble creates a much more interesting gradient than the normal sponging technique. 
I didn't have much luck capturing all the swirlyness of the colours mixing together on camera so you will just have to trust me =)

The polishes I used were:
China Glaze: Hey Sailor (bright red)
OPI: Kennebunk Port (Deep red)
Revitanail: Port wine (Metallic deep red)....mmmm Port
and OPI: Lincoln Park After Dark (Dark Purple -pretty much black!)

I think having a small amount of metallic polish really makes this marbling gradient pop! It looks amazing in the sunlight :)

I was feeling creative and edited my photos to only show the red ..  What do you think?

And here is the tutorial I have been promising forever. It seemed appropriate for the Halloween season and (Bloom beauty trends) kindly asked me if I wanted to write a blog post or tutorial for them :)

Notice I forgot to take a picture before I cleaned up... Don't worry- I'm not that neat!

Thanks for visiting my blog :)



  1. Really like this and will try it for Halloween!

  2. Thanks for this tutorial.its helps

  3. I recently found your blog and I love your nail designs!!!


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