Saturday, 31 August 2013

Stamping Grey-dient with XL O Jumbo Plate

I absolutely love the look of using a metallic version of a colour to do nail art over the 'non metallic' version of the colour. Ie silver over grey, metallic blue over a creme blue polish etc.

I had painted my nails with my favourite grey polish: Misa Grey Matters. Its a beautiful light neutral grey polish which is speckled with tiny black and maybe some silver particles. I didn't really have a plan of what I wanted to do and ended up doing the silver on grey thing :)

I spiced it up a little bit by doing a stamping gradient using both a dark gunmetal silver (China Glaze Awaken) and a lighter silver (Essie no place like chrome).It's kind of hard to tell in the pictures as it just looks like the light is catching the lighter silver and not the darker, but it's a pretty cool effect in real life.

I used a design from the XL O jumbo stamping plate which I bought on ebay. I think it's also availiable on the German Magno Nails website (where I have bought all of my other XL plates). To create the grey-diant (haha) I painted one half of the plate with the gunmetal silver and the other half with the light silver and then proceeded to swipe and stamp as usual.I did the same thing here, and it's a little easier to see the gradient.

What do you think of them? 

Thanks for reading :)


  1. This is such a gorgeous mani! Which ebay seller did you get your XL plate from please?

    1. Hey and thanks very much <3
      I can't seem to go far enough back on my eBay history to look it up it. A seller called worldwide_buy has it for sale at the moment though. Also magno nails and messy mansion sell this plate .
      I'm on my phone right now but when I get to a computer ill see if it will let me see my whole eBay history.

    2. Thanks for responding. That's okay, I found an ebay seller and got the L, M and O plates. I didn't realize those were available anywhere other than Magnonails until I read your post, so Thank You!

    3. Found the original seller: just in case!
      I'm so glad you were able to order them!
      I have the M and O plates, and a close friend has the L plate! They are really great =D


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