Monday, 21 October 2013

Another Bridal Nail Art idea: Something blue....

This will just be a quick post because I'm not really into these nails, I'm short of time and have a massive back-log of other nail art that I haven't posted (Uh oh!!).

Anyway, I had an idea to do 'something blue' nails as a wedding nail art idea. I am getting married in like.... a year and a half, so naturally I am already trying stuff out. (Here's a link to all my other bridal nail posts.)

I recently purchased 5 new stamping plates from Mo You London and they arrived about a week ago. I will do a review of them soon! Anyway one of them, the Kitty collection 02, has lots of really pretty single flowers, so I decided to use one of them- I think it's a poppy.

I made a blue flower decal with the flower from the stamping plate using this technique  (with China glaze kinetic candy and sally hansen pacific blue). I left the others plain to keep the look simple. The base polish is OPI Barre my soul for which I had to do about 4 coats to cover the green stains that were on my nails from wearing turquoise polish =( 

As I said I'm not a big fan....but I really like how the blue flower turned out. I will have to do it again with a coloured background I think (maybe a pastel purple?)

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Very pretty! I think I found your blog through your stamping tutorial haha. I need to try this too! I did once but failed horribly.. soo I guess practice makes perfect. *sigh*

    1. Awe thanks Maddy :)
      It is a lot easier to do a small decal than a full nail one. I think that must be about my 5th try, so yeh I guess practice makes perfect.....oh and pretty blue polishes haha


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