Saturday, 2 November 2013

Yellow and Black Aztec Design

Today I have some very simple, but eye catching nails to share with you. I have been planning to try this yellow and black colour combo for a ridiculously long time. 
I'm so glad I finally got around to it, because I'm loving these nails!

I used OPI Black Onyx on the non feature nails, and China Glaze Happy go Lucky as my yellow (Great polish by the way- both colour and formula!).

For the feature nail I stamped an aztec design from the A53 plate with konad special polish. This only covered about half of the nail so I then used acrylic paint to fill in the rest. 
Can you guess which part is hand painted? ;)

I felt like the plain black nails needed something and I luckily had the perfect thing! 

I ordered a bunch of nail art wheels from ebay recently and one of them had these super awesome square and round studs in red, white, yellow, pink, green and purple with a black splatter effect on them. 
I found mine as an option out of 22 different rhinestone wheels. I haven't been able to find a name for these particular studs so you may need to scroll through different auctions =( 
However, the link above should go to search for the multi style nail art decoration wheels where I found mine. 

Thanks for reading and visiting :)


  1. Simple but elegant. I am in love with your accent nails :')

    1. Haha accent nails are great for saving time =D

  2. Gorgeous! Can't go wrong with yellow and black ;) and I have no idea which part of the stamping is made by you, meaning, you did an amazing job!

    1. Aw thanks! I recently got a some good black acrylic paint for painting some drawers. I'm now using it for my nails and it's made a huge difference :)
      Now I need to buy more colours- I want to try those beautiful one stroke flowers that you did!

  3. This is so classy and beautiful, I have no idea what part is hand painted after staring at it for a while, you have such steady pulse my friend! <3


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