Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Bridal Nails Special!

A Couple of Different Wedding Day Options

I recently started a wedding Pinterest board and I couldn't find many pictures of wedding nail art designs that I liked. So I decided to start trying a few different designs out myself. Gotta be prepared !

Ok first up, the most simple. This is just a milky white jelly polish (Cutex nail whitener) with a coat of seche vite top coat. This cutex polish suffered from awful shrinkage- I had to file the tips of the nails where it had shrunken back from. Better versions of this white jelly include OPI funny bunny, OPI Don't touch my tutu or Essie Marshmallow.
In 2012 OPI did a lovely collection of soft jelly shades that would be perfect for a bride. They are now available as a part of OPI's soft shades range. There are great swatches of the OPI NYC Ballet collection here by Scrangie. I recently purchased Don't Touch My Tutu, My Pointe Exactly and You Callin Me a Lyre. I also own the glitter in the collection Pirouette My Whistle which I used in a mani below if you scroll down :)

Next up I tried adding some small pearls to the base of the nails. Pearl Rhinestones for nail art can be purchased here for very cheap here on ebay

I was thinking it might even look nice to do these in the same colour as your flowers/bridemaids dresses (or do this as a feature nail only on the ring finger to be more subtle)

I cheated and copy pasted a second rhinestone on the ring finger to see how that might look.... I like it!

Next up I did some nail stamping. I kept it subtle and just did a feature nail, but I think it's delicate enough that it would be nice to have on all the nails. 

This stamp design is from the XL-C plate available on ebay here. (I have purchased XL stamp plates from this ebay seller "worldwide_buy" before and received everything fine).

I used konad special white stamping polish (available on the konad website here or on ebay here.)

If you are unsure what nail stamping is I did a big tutorial/guide/review here.  


Next I did a simple glitter look using OPI Pirouette my Whistle over the milky white base. Its a fine silver glitter with larger iridescent white glitters. As I said this polish is from the OPI NYC ballet collection..... they say ballet but I think they were targeting the wedding market!
 I covered the whole ring finger, and for the rest of the nails I just dabbed some around the base. 

This last one I did a few months later once I ordered a few bottles of polish from the OPI NYC ballet collection. This one is 'Don't touch my tutu', a white jelly. I also bought OPI funny bunny which is also a white jelly, but it is less sheer than the one bellow. Here is a link to a swatch of OPI funny bunny so you can see the difference (scroll down as I put a picture of it alone).

The silver stamping is done with Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in 'Celeb City' and the design is from the Mo You London Pro 06 plate. Again, if you are unsure how to nail stamp please see my tutorial and guide here

The camera (or me) had trouble capturing the shimmer so this photo is a little blurry unfortunately. The silver stamped with a simple and sparse floral design over the white jelly polish looked so clean and pretty. It was also quite subtle. For me, I think this may be a winner for my wedding day. I will have to try different stamps though :)

Well I hope these ideas can help someone out for their wedding day :)
I plan to keep adding to this page if I think of anything else. Please leave a comment if you have any ideas you would like me to try out or if you know of any other good bridal nail polishes  :)

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