Thursday 8 August 2013

Spotted Feather Nail Art With a Fan Brush Tutorial

The fan brush seems to be included in many of the nail art brush sets that you can buy online.  I have never quite been sure what to use it works ok for sprinkling loose glitter.... but I thought surely there is more..
So I jumped on google and had a look around for what they are used for by artists. There isn't a whole lot of love for the fan brush, but some people like to use them for trees, grass and feathers. In nail art they can be used to create a stripy look like this or a gradient like this.

Anyway I was attracted to the idea of feather nail art.... without using an actual feather. A while ago Pshiiit posted a really beautiful design that she made using a really cool flat brush that I don't have anything similar to here. I tried to recreate it with the fan brush.

What do you think they look like?
I don't think I really achieved the feather look. My Fiance thinks they look like Buffalo reeds at sunset.

 The polishes I used were:
Blue: OPI- Suzi says Feng Shui
Orange: China Glaze- Peachy Keen

 I've been getting heaps of nice compliments about these nails. I think it's because these colours really pop together and the bold design stands out even from far away. 

And again, I have a tutorial for anyone wanting some more info on how to create this look/use a fan brush :)

Thanks very much for reading
Chanfie xox


  1. omg!! so amazing!!
    and welcome to the small (very small) world of Perth polish enthusiasts - there is about 25 of us (that I know of) - how can I follow you???
    drop me a line on @cats_n_nails or my email

    1. I'm only really on Bloglovin- but I see you found me yay!
      Do you guys do meet ups or anything? I'd love to meet with my own kind haha!


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