Saturday, 3 August 2013

How to make your own nail decals part 2!

How to make your own nail decals part 2! Paper Punch Butterflies

Whilst I was very lost at Spotlight (a craft, home-wear, fabric and party supply store) last weekend I stumbled across some of those paper punches with the little shapes. I used to want one soooo bad when I was a girl, and I finally got to indulge! I had a choice of a butterfly or a dragonfly and chose the butterfly. The dragonfly was really cool, but the wings were so small and I had special plans!
This isn't the actual one I used but I'm away for the weekend and didn't have a picture!

I have recently been stumbling across lots of pictures of a manicure with patterned giraffe shapes on each nail like this. I think they are stickers, but I thought it would be cool to make my own nail stickers/decals with different stamps and nail polish. And the shape paper punch was perfect for this.
Oh and by the way there is a tutorial if you scroll down the page!

Here is the right hand. I think they kind of look like bows (especially from a distance) . I'm calling them butterfly bows! 
 I saved all my favorite stickers for this hand as my other hand is a mess at the moment. I'm getting a home made- tattoo I made in high school removed and it's a bit unsightly. Can you tell I like home-made stuff? I think nail polish is a much healthier way to indulge myself. 

 Here they are right way up- looking more like butterflies. 

 And here is the left hand

The polishes used were:
Background red: OPI My Chihuahua Bites
Blue is a konad dark blue stamping polish
And the white is OPI alpine snow.

I used Seche Vite to make the decals coated with alpine snow and it worked well. Alpine snow alone was too flexible and it was hard to manoeuvre into the punch. 

And as promised- a tutorial. For more info on making nail decals please visit 'part 1' here

Anyway, I ordered a heart shaped punch and also an elephant from ebay to try out. I' super excited about the elephant!!

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