Sunday 18 August 2013

The Sandwich Bag Watercolour Marble

Oceanic Fused Glass Nails: 

How to get a watercolour marble look with a sandwich bag

Sorry about the lengthy title for this post. I wasn't quite sure what to call this look. I got the idea from Polish and Pearls where she called this technique a no water watercolour water marble... she must have had trouble too!
So, I have heaps of pictures.... Its really really pretty and I didn't want to miss out on any angles!  I also made a tutorial, which you can find if you scroll to the bottom of this post. It was incredibly easy and actually quite fast as I just did it over the top of my last manicure (most of the nails were plain blue). All you need is nail polish and a sandwich bag (or anything similar..)

So here is the left hand: 

And the right hand. I love the middle finger here.... I think a gradient would look pretty with this technique.

and more pictures...

and more..

And then I went to the beach to take more pictures! This manicure made me think of a stormy ocean :)

 And here are the polishes I used :)
Dating a royal and Man hunt are almost identical. I had painted my nails previously with Dating a Royal (from my last post!) and it hadnt chipped yet, so I just went over the top. I used China Glaze Man hunt instead of the OPI as it's more pigmented. 

Anyway, especially with the colours I used, it reminded me of that really pretty glass jewelry where all the colours are mixed together. This is called fused glass. Here is some fused glass that looks kind of similar- it's actually a table top! The image should link to the website where I found it :)

And here is how I did these nails :)
As I said it was really fast. The actual marble/watercolour/smear...whatever you want to call it, took only  10 minutes. The clean up took about half an hour though!

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Definitely keen to try out this technique!

    1. Wonderful!!!! Can't wait to see how it turns out =D

  2. This is new to me. I really love it!

  3. This is new to me. I really love it!

  4. Easy n quick way to do marbles.

  5. Beautiful!!!!!!

  6. Haven't tried this yet, but was wondering if laying the bag on a kitchen sponge would work instead of having to pick the bag up? Definitely looks easier than using a makeup sponge

    1. I like the way you think.
      I would imagine it would make this technique even easier! I will definitely give it a go in the future :)


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