Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas 2013 Nail Art Ideas: Simple and Not So Simple!

I must be the only nail art blogger whom has made it to half way through December without posting Christmas nail art. There is a reason for that.... I have been saving up all my Christmas manis for a big Christmas Nail Art extravaganza! 

First up I have a stamping manicure done with a Mo You London plate: Suki 07. I didn't buy any Christmas stamping plates (which I'm now regretting) but I think this design is quite Christmasy in the right colours. To centre the design on the red nails I actually made stamping decals using this tutorial and placed them in the exact centre of my nails. The red metalic polish is Revitanail "Ruby Rich", the white on my ring finger is OPI alpine snow and the white use for stamping is the white konad stamping polish.

 I really really enjoyed wearing this mani :) If you also like it please vote for me in the MoYou competition by liking and repinning this image on their board here.
I hate asking for votes, but some of the big nail art blogs have done the same and seeing as they have thousands of followers are smashing it!

 The next is the most simple Christmas nails I have to show you. Just a plain white with golden accent nail. The white polish is Essie Marshmellow which is much like OPI Funny Bunny, another favourite of mine. This is a white jelly which becomes opaque in just 2 coats (maybe 3 on some nails). I find this is a much easier polish to apply than the creme white polishes such as OPI Alpine snow and looks really clean. The gold polish is one that I created myself. It made up of small gold and larger square gold glitters and also white square glitters which are much more apparent in real life!

 I went further with this mani and free handed a Christmas tree on on middle finger, stripes on the ring finger and dots on the pointer finger (with hand placed gold glitter too). The star on the Christmas tree is a rhinestone purchased from ebay. 
My favorite nail is the pointer finger with the dots! 

The red polish used is Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine (red....I don't have the label) and the green is Essie Going Incognito (pointer, middle, ring). On the pinky I used a metallic green polish: Sally Hansen Emerald City from the Xtreme wear range. The red hearts are also a glitter.

 I did the same Christmas tree on this manicure as I had accidentally created recently on another triangle mix and match nail art design. I prefer the original actually- what about you?

 Next up is some simple snowflake nail art. 
Snowflakes tend to look very complicated but really all they are is a few lines (ie do a cross and then 2 more lines to create an 8 sided star. The add 1 or 2 small dashes to the lines. You can put a dot in the centre of the snowflake with your background polish to mix it up). I used acrylic paint to paint the snowflakes and the blue polish is one I made myself, which I'm calling Midnight Snow. I absolutely love it!!

Next is another nail stamping design created with MoYou London plates- this one Pro Plate 01. I stamped in red with the Sally hansen metallic red which I have no name for (sorry!!!!) and then painted the green lines in Sally Hansen Emerald city. I did this over a base coat of Essie Marshmellow. Again I did this with the stamping decal technique although after I realized that I could have probably done it straight onto the nail.I have also entered this on in the MoYou competition. To vote please like and repin the image here. Thanks!!! xx

The next is a very subtle look inspired by Christmas sweaters ...although nobody here in Australia would ever be wearing a sweater at Christmas time- its often 40 degrees Celsius at this time of the year (over 100 f) !!!
I painted my nails with a nude polish- Essie Jazz which looks absolutely awful with my skin tone apparently!!! My fingers look grey haha. The design was handpainted with a gold polish- Essie Good as Gold. The ring finger is the same gold polish made by yours truly as previously :)

 I think I like the thumb the best!

Update* And here is another Christmas nail design. See the whole post here :)

This last one is not strictly Christmas Nail art.....but I think anything in red and white adds a bit of Christmassy cheer to your nails! The full post with allll the details can be found here :)

Thanks so much for visiting. Merry Christmas!!


  1. Wow nail art overload :) It's hard to pick a favourite, I love the tartan design and the nude/gold. And the blue polish "Midnight Snow" is gorgeous! I still haven't made any "franken" nail polish, any tips?

    1. Hmmm I think the main thing, if you want to make glitter polishes is to find a glitter suspension base normal top coat won't hold the glitter up and it will sink to the bottom. You need to find some within your own country generally though as it is a dangerous substance and can't be shipped by air (apparently's really only nail polish).

      Also you need solvent stable glitter or it will lose it's colour. There's an online store 'glitter unique' which has heaps of really pretty glitters and ships internationally :)

      I haven't actually tried just mixing 2 polishes together yet so no tips there sorry!

  2. these look great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. What a nice and decent collection


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