Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas Flower Nail art- "Poinsettias"

As I said in my post last night I was working on another Christmas nail design... and here it is!
More nail decals.... I really like that I can paint them the night before and then quickly attach them onto my nails in the morning. It makes it feel really quick being broken up into two distinct smaller parts than one huge nail painting session. Plus my back doesn't get so sore this way! The tutorial for the technique is here.

Again I have used MoYou London stamping plates- these are from the Kitty collection 02. I'm getting a lot of use out of that plate! I thought these looked like those Christmas flowers, Poinsettias.

 I am going to enter these nails and a few others in their December Pinterest contest so if you have a spare minute and a Pinterest account (and you think my nail art is any good) please vote for me by repinning the images and also liking :)

Here are the links:  Christmas pattern 1

I hate asking for votes but lots of other bloggers have done the same, and some of them have thousands of followers! I figure I may as well do the same if I want any chance at a prize =(

So the polishes used for these nails are: 
White- Essie Marshmellow, 
Green: Essie Going incognito
Red: Sally Hansen Lacquer shine in red (It has no name!)
Gold: Essie Good as Gold

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  1. Ohh this is so cute :) Really nice!

  2. Hi, I'm coming from the WPNFF link-up post. :) I like your banner, and your tabs are perfectly sized. Your photos are good, just a bit out of focus on the pinky. I'm not sure if that is on purpose or not, I prefer to see all the nails clearly. Your nail art is also really great. I'm not sure why your paragraphs are centered, again my personal preference is to align left, with photos centered. I also appreciate your social media/follow buttons right up top! I think you're doing a good job, so keep it up and good luck!

    1. Hey thanks so much for reviewing my blog- I really appreciate it. I'm not sure why I center the writing....perhaps I'll start putting it to the left :) Thanks for the tip.

      I have trouble getting my pinky to focus- I don't have much control of it so it's always too far back or something to be in focus =( It's interesting that people notice! I'll have to strive harder to get it in :)

    2. Believe me, my pinky doesn't like to play nice with my other fingers either! If you can't make it work, no worries. Better a natural hand pose than a forced one! (This, I'm still working on.)


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