Saturday, 14 December 2013

Stained Glass Homemade Nail Decals With MoYou London Explorer Collection Plate 03

Hi Everyone :)

I'm incredibly happy right now for so many reasons!
-I'm on a weekend trip in the Margaret River wine region.
-We just found a lovely family to rent our house that I have worked so hard to clean and garden the last few weeks.
-My friend and I just got nail mail from MoYou London!!!
-I have used a plate that I had been frothing over for a month!!!
-I love my nails right now!

Now in the interest of eating food and tasting delicious wine this will be a quick post! I have only 2 pictures of this mani currently as I had to take them down here (we are south of home, so I keep saying down) without my usual set up and I don't even have a mouse on the laptop!

So I didn't plan them as stained glass. I just painted my nails with a new polish of mine- Picture Polish Citrus and decided these colours might go well together. The other polishes are:
-Turquoise: Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in The Real Teal
-Lime Green: Essie the more the merrier
-Yellow: China Glaze Lemon Fizz
-Stamped Dark Blue: Konad stamping polish in dark blue.

I made the decals using this technique. 

I will have to post a few more photos when I get home as I really like these!

Thanks very much for visiting and have a great weekend!!!


  1. Oh my, I can't believe how beautiful and vivid this mani is! :0 There are so many tempting designs from Explorer Collections and I can't choose which plates to order :)

  2. Hi Yuri,
    Yes ! The explorer collection has so many beautiful plates!
    If you are going to get any- I highly recommend this one- so pretty and great for colouring in :)
    Also, Magno nails has never replied to my email =(
    I have tried the contact form on their website now....keep you updated :)

  3. Yeah, I'm keeping an eye on those Indian floral designs. American Indian and Greek plates look awesome also :D
    I haven't had any luck getting reply from Magno nails either :( Thanks for trying though ;)

    BTW, do you know MoYou London does Twitter quiz every Thursday (British time)?

    They give 5 or so questions based on some theme (kitty, sailor etc) and you just answer them. MoYou picks 5 winners from those who answered correctly and give out one plate of your choice.

    I joined for the first time last Thursday and was picked as one of the winners to my surprise! (I picked Kitty 02 coz I already have Kitty 11). You might wanna try too, I guess there aren't many participants at the moment so more chances of you winning :)

    1. Thanks so much for letting me know! I think I heard about it somewhere as I started following them on twitter.....but as I don't ever go on my twitter account I completely forgot! I'll have to try this week! Congrats on winning last week! I have Kitty plate 02. It's a really great plate!

  4. These look amazing! I love the bright colors. And your photos are gorgeous!!

  5. I'm speechless. These are GORGEOUS!!


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