Friday, 27 September 2013

AFL Grand Final Nails! Go Freo!

Clearly my Freo nails last week at the Prelim final were very good luck as they won and are off to the Grand Final. This of course meant that I needed to think of some different Fremantle nails to last week (here). Now I really liked those nails, and considered just doing the away colour jersey (reverse colours- purple on white), but I wanted to be more creative. I chose to incorporate the red and green that they used to have along with the purple and white. Plus I really wanted to create a way to use my new picture polishes (Sea Jewel and Violet Femme).

 I again stamped the anchor from the bundle monster 2010 collection (konad white polish).
I used striping polish to create the different stripes/triangles. 

The polishes were:
Picture polish violet femme (purple), 
Picture polish seafoam (green glitter) 
This was painted over Sally Hansen Xtreme wear The real teal
And Misa Bop Til You Drop (coral)


It took ages, but it will be worth it tomorrow!!! 
I'm going to Fremantle to watch the game and I'm ridiculously excited =D

 Here is a picture from 2006 of the old team colours I was trying to channel


 Thanks for reading :)


  1. Soo pretty :) I am loving good geometric manis!

  2. Thanks Paulina! I'm loving beautiful watercolour flowers ;) ;)


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