Sunday, 8 September 2013

Water Sparbling Again. Hoorah! It Was Meant to be Turquoise Stone...

This weekend I went along to my very first Perth Polish Posse (PPP?) meet up. Seeing as it was the first time they would be meeting me I was inspired to do something a bit more special on my nails- break out of the stamping slum that I've been in for a few weeks. Not that stamping isn't awesome.... it's just so easy to get a great look that when I'm being lazy I default to it.

I chose the most complicated technique I know of! Water marbling and water spotting (which I have dubbed water sparbling: tutorial here).
I wanted to do a turquoise stone look with some gold veins running throuhg and totally didn't nail it..
But.... it looks pretty interesting anyway

I struggled a lot trying to take pictures of this one. I ended up taking a total of 103 photos.  I think the one above is the best. 
I love love love that middle finger. It reminds me of a peacock feather. Water sparbling is so unpredictable!

The polishes that I used were:
Bright Teal: OPI fly
Black: Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in Black Out
Gold: Saly Hansen Xtreme Wear in Good as Gold
The metallic teal (this didn't show up much in the photos) is Revlon Ocean Breeze.

Do other people freak out about wasting there good polishes on a water marble? I never touch my OPIs or Essies for marbling!

This one (above) is the only close up shot I got of my right hand. You can see it got a few spotted bits on the ring finger. For the water spotting, this time I used a makeup brush cleaner spray that had alcohol in it (the Priceline pharmacy brand- incidentally.... don't buy this for cleaning makeup brushes- it hardly does anything!)

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