Monday, 30 September 2013

Lilly Pulitzer Floral Nails

We are technically almost a whole month into Spring here in Perth, but it's been raining almost constantly with storms and such. On Saturday however, the sun was out and I felt inspired to do a Springtime floral manicure.
 I did a quick hunt through my Pinterest floral inspiration board and found a lovely Lilly Pulitzer floral print which I will post down the bottom of this page.

For these nails I first painted my nails with OPI "Funny Bunny'. This is a white jelly polish which builds to opaque in 2-3 coats. For me, at 2 coats I could still faintly see the nail line, but it looked.....nice.

In fact, I think I might prefer it to opaque creme white polish (I use OPI Alpine snow). It's not as stark white- it just looks so clean and jelly-ish!
Here's a pic of it before I painted the flowers.

Anyway, back to the flowers....
Over the white base I used Essie "A Crewed Interest", Revlon " Lilac Pastelle" and a little bit of China Glaze "For Audrey" to paint a messy base for the flowers (I kind of painted roses). I added a little bit of acetone to the brush when I did this to thin them down and make them more like watercolours.

Next I used a short striping brush to paint the flowers in a darker pink (This was a custom mix of a creme white polish and Seche Vite "Rendezvous" thinned with nail polish thinner).
They weren't too hard to paint to be honest as they are meant to look a bit messy.... which is good for me!
I started in the middle and worked my way to the outer petals. 

I then used a short spotter brush to paint the flower centres in Misa "Office Polish-tics".

The picture below was painted with my left (non dominant) hand. Not as good as the other hand, but I'm improving- practice makes perfect!

Oh and last but not least I filled in the background with some more acetone thinned China Glaze "For Audrey". (When I say acetone thinned, I mean I dipped the brush first in acetone, and second into my polish).

I really really love this manicure. It looks even better in real life when your not looking so close up!
I keep trying to pick my favorite nail- It's a toss up between the pointer finger on my left hand and the thumb on the same hand! (above)

This picture above is probably the best one, but I took it a day after I had finished the manicure, and the pinky nail seems to be all scratched. I really need to find a thin fast drying top coat for re-freshers before taking pictures. All I have is seche vite which can cause shrinkage when used on dry nails (and is also very thick). Does anyone have any suggestions?

And here is the print I used as inspiration.... or can I just say I copied it?

Thanks for reading :)



  1. I'm a new follower. I saw your picture on pinterest, you did an awesome job! These are really pretty :)

    1. oh wow, thanks very much!
      That's really cool coming from you- I used to have a collection of nail pictures saved on my computer (let's call it nailporn) back before I discovered Pinterest that I would look at for inspiration. Your profile pic was one of them!

  2. I love this so much! It's gorgeous xx

  3. Whoa, these are gorgeous! And I totally agree with you, I've been meaning to buy a white jelly polish and now I think I need to, it looks so freaking awesome! :)

    1. Haha nooo you must persevere with your polish purchase ban!

      I bought don't touch my tutu from the OPI NY ballet collection recently too. I'll have to try that soon and compare. I think it might be a little less pigmented. White jelly polish is becoming an obsession for me! I'm so boring haha

  4. I like sally hansen insta-dri(red clear bottle). I do my nails once a week at minimum and up to everyday at maximum...depends on if I find a new technique or product I wanna use... anyways this insta-dri top coat has made my nail art experiments monumentally easier...and less waiting between steps.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I think I've heard people rave about the Sally Hansen insta dri before actually! I'm definitely going to grab some next time it's on sale!


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