Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Chunky Blue Handpainted Flowers

I did these about a week ago and wasn't very happy with them so took a few quick pictures and tried something else. They don't seem to look so bad in this picture (the only one which turned out!) so I decided to post it.

The background polish I used was OPI I don't give a Rotterdam. This is a really pretty colour, but I think it would benefit being layered over something else (maybe a medium blue or white). It took 3 coats for this opacity, and there was still some slightly bald patches.

I painted the flowers using a flat eyeliner type brush first in OPI Eurso Euro
 (how bright and awesome is that blue?!).
I then coloured this in with a finer brush using OPI thanks a windmillion. In the centre of the flowers I used OPI fly, and a little bit more thanks a windmillion.

And that's it for these nails!

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