Friday, 6 September 2013

A Comparison of Stamping Plate Sizes

I very recently did a big guide to stamping with reviews of all my stamping stuff. I realised I didn't include measurements of all of my stamping plates, something that I have searched the internet desperately for many times when looking to purchase a particular set of stamping plates. This was after I bought the bundle monster 2010 plates on which the full sized images are ridiculously tiny.

So I measured the dimensions of the full size images on all of the plates that I own and made a chart (The ones I personally measured are in black). I then did some research and added some other sizes from plates I don't own (blue). The references are below the chart. Hopefully this chart will help anyone with large nails, be they long or wide find big enough stamping plates! For reviews and store links please visit my original post here

Please note that the diagrams are not perfectly to scale. Read the measurements!
Here is some conversions to inches :)

10mm= 0.39 inches    12mm= 0.47 inches        14mm= 0.55 inches       16mm= 0.63 inches
18mm= 0.71 inches    20mm= 0.79 inches        22mm= 0.87 inches
Bundle Monster 2011, Red angel, DRK A: Ninja PolishLea Lac: Lacquer or Leave Her (I had to measure the plates on the screen and compare to the konad in the same image. Its probably not 100 exact due to the angle the picture was taken on so that's why I put the 'approximate' symbol')Pueen: Amazon Reviewer Mash 2012: Oooh Shinies
Salon Express: No Nude Nails
Winstonia: No Nude Nails
Bundle monster 2013: Katsy Nail Crazy  (The 0.5 is because she said it was the same as 2011 collection and I had a different measurement from her. May be an Inches to mm conversion issue?) 

Hope this helps someone :)

Also If you own any plates that I don't have measurements for (ie. the new konad plates) I'd love to get the measurements to add to the chart!

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